2021 Transporter Lite

Från112 900 kr

Heavy work? This compact new sled makes light of it!

Created to make life easier for outdoorsmen and people with snow-related businesses, this compact 7/8 scale sled comes with a surprisingly man-sized work ethic; and while it’s been mainly designed as a partner to get towing and hauling jobs done, its great handling and performance mean you can enjoy it too!
At its heart is an industry first - a brand new, fuel-injected 397cc 2-stroke power unit, punching out around 65 smooth horsepower - with businesslike amounts of brutal torque. In fact, it's performance level is perfectly matched to the cutting-edge design of the chassis, suspension, track and skis.
Compact in size it may be, but on-board luxury and comfort are truly full-size! Practical too, with electric start, push-button electronic reverse, adjustable hand and thumb warmers and clear digital gauges to keep you up to speed. In fact, a mighty impressive all-rounder just joined the workforce.



New 397cc single-cylinder 2-stroke engine with EFI
CVTech Drive System with super-low 1st gear
New ultra-lightweight chassis for supreme agility
146" utility suspension system with flip-up rails
Lightweight 38-inch SRV front suspension
146 x 1.6 Cobra track - for max grip and drive
New wide Yamaha Mountain skis with single keel
Large 44-litre fuel tank for longer work trips
Electronic push-button reverse & electric starting
High, comfortable seat and tall handlebars
Adjustable Handlebar & thumb warmers
Stylish digital gauges & tall, shaped windshield
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