2021 Mountain Max 154

Från165 900 kr

A legend returns. Even stronger. Even better.

The original Mountain Max pushed the envelope of technical handling ability and performance to new levels - and genuinely changed the way we ride. With Its new fuel-injected 2-stroke engine and advanced suspension system, the latest Mountain Max 154 moves the game on yet again.
Here's a snowmobile where the cutting-edge design for the suspension and track systems, developed over many hundreds of testing hours, has been perfectly matched to that exciting new free-revving power unit, in order to deliver a genuinely unprecedented mountain climbing and deep snow experience.
Of course, as a new model in our line-up, the world knows that equal amounts of care and attention to detail will have been devoted to the precision of the steering, the comfort of the seating and the practical facilities - not to mention luxuries - that play such a key part in the riding experience.



New 794cc dual-stage EFI 2-stroke with digital CDI
New ALPHA-1 Mountain suspension system
Drop rolled chain case and lightweight tunnel
Fox 1.5 Zero QS3 rear shock package with lock-out
Premium Fox 1.5 Zero QS3 adjustable front shocks
154" Camso Power Claw track - for power and drive
Lightweight 36-inch SRV-M front suspension
Mountain-specific lightweight aluminium chassis
Wide, stable single-keel Yamaha Mountain skis
Electronic push-button reverse & electric starting
Adjustable Handlebar & thumb warmers
Stylish digital gauges with controls on handlebar
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